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Let's cuddle!

If you haven't already. Please see the FAQ section.

  1.  Request your appointment by filling out the contact form below. ​​

    • Still not 100% sure an appointment is for you? That's ok! We can discuss any concerns you may have in our Zoom call.

    • Once you submit the form, I will get back to you with the client consent form and code of conduct form. 

    • Yes, you do need to upload a photo of your valid ID. I do not wish to see anyone who chooses to hide their identity. Again, I agree to confidentiality in the code of ethics put together by like minded practitioners. Your information is for my eyes only.

    • What I need from you:​

      • Completed Client Consent Form​

      • 40% Booking deposit

  2. Prepare for your appointment

    • Please make sure you are showered and have brushed your teeth since we will be in close proximity. Remember to bring comfortable clothes to change into. A minimum of a tank top and shorts is required. **Boxers do not count as shorts. Please ensure that your clothes are freshly laundered and free of any offensive odors, pet hair, perfumes and colognes.​

  3. Arrival

    • When it is time for our appointment, I will greet you with a smile and a hug (if you would like one). We will go over boundaries and consent. I will also ask for the remainder of the fee at this time. ​

    • Consent is fundamental to our session. Not only is this for safety, but it keeps us both comfortable in knowing we are abiding within our boundaries. I will ensure that you understand our agreed upon boundaries with informed consent and open communication. Once this is understood, our session can begin.

  4. Cuddle time!

    • Now it's time for our session to start. We can jump right in by laying down with me snuggled up to you with my head on your chest, or any other position you would like. We can also start off slow with some light and "safe" touches and maybe some hand games to break the ice.​

    • I assure you that any requests I accommodate are because I am truly happy to do so. I enjoy cuddling and get just as much out of it as my clients do. There is no pretending allowed! This is a safe space that includes nothing but honesty.

*A cuddle session does not include any form of explicit sexuality. Any violation of boundaries will result in 2 warnings before the session is terminated and there will be no refund for any time remaining.

**Cuddle therapy is not a licensed medical practice and should not replace the consultation of a health professional, either physical or psychological.

View the Client Consent Form and the Client Agreement and Waiver

Code of Ethics 

Cuddling Buddies

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