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So what should I expect exactly...?

What to Expect In Your First

Professional Cuddling Session

If you’ve booked your first session with a professional cuddler, you may be wondering—how exactly does it work? Cuddling with a stranger can seem outside some people’s comfort zones. As your cuddler, I want to walk you through what our session will be like so you can relax and reap the full benefits.

Before the Session

We’ll have a consultation, either over the phone, video or chat to discuss your needs and set some guidelines. We’ll establish what touch you are comfortable with and any off-limit areas. Don’t be shy—the more I know, the better I can customize the session.

Starting Off

When you arrive, I’ll offer you a beverage and we’ll chat a bit to become acquainted. I want you to feel secure and heard. Don’t hesitate to re-confirm any boundaries.

Cuddling Begins

We’ll start in a seated position, perhaps holding hands, then recline and get comfortable. I let your cues guide me in terms of touch—a hand on your shoulder, stroking your hair. I’ll adjust as we go. Speak up if anything doesn’t feel right.

During the Session

While cuddling, I may lightly massage your neck, scratch your back or just hold you close. We can talk, listen to music or simply relax in the quiet. You lead the experience. Different clients have different needs from their touch therapy.

Wrapping Up

As we near the end of the session, I will check in about your experience. We can discuss any emotions that surfaced and whether you’d like to schedule more sessions.


I’m available for follow-up if you want to debrief or ask any other questions. Cuddling can unlock feelings and I’m here to support you.

The Most Important Thing...

My top priority is creating a safe, comforting space for you. Trust that everything happens at your pace and comfort level. I’m simply here to care for you without judgement. Ready to schedule your first cuddling encounter? You’ll leave wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!

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